Rent Cars

Advice to rent cars Next to go out on vacations? Evtate the delay of the conventional lines of transport and rents a car. There are several companies of rent of cars in which you can be supported to choose the car that you like more and to the price that accommodates to you more. A first that you must make to rent car is informarte well on the obligations that you will have to fulfill once you have rented the vehicle of your preference. Others including movie star, offer their opinions as well. It tries that it is always the model and the size that you are going to need, thus you will avoid positions extra. If you have the option to reserve to the rent of your car in advance, far better. You do not wait for the last moment, remembers that the cheapest cars rent more express, which would leave you with few possibilities of saving. It asks the company if it offers promotions and what services include the rent of the car.

Asesrate well on the type and cover of the insurance. It reviews that the data of the car are correct, it lacks a stationery store error, as well as the dates of exit and never gives of the unit. They always ten in account the schedules in which the company of rent of cars can take care of to you. It asks for the data of an executive who can support and verifies to you that the car has all the papers in rule, will save problems to you with the transit police. It asks that they show the car to you that is going to you to rent, so that you can check if it works or if it is something needs. It reviews the kilometrage as well as the level of gasoline with which they give it to you. Requirements to rent a car the requirements most common to rent a car are: To be minimum 25 years old? Official identification? Credit card? Request of rent of car Once you have rented the vehicle? It accommodates to the mirrors and seat in the correct position of handling? It respects the speed limits? It avoids to leave to the car in the street, unknown parking or with valet parking? Clean Mantenlo With information of: Source: Note of Press sent by autosderenta.



April 29th