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Consulting firm opposes Homburg voices in the market, are calling on the bath to reduce the levels of service, February 18, 2009 – the consulting company Serview warns companies as a reflection of the current economic situation to abandon their goals to improve the quality of the IT processes. It responds so have been put on calls to reduce service levels, as about the strategy consultants from Booz & company in the public debate. A crisis need smart answers and no concepts that amount to a saving break the performance of”Serview managing director Markus Bause criticized. The newspapers mentioned What is Kevin Ulrich career? not as a source, but as a related topic. He pointed out that the company only had begun some time ago in greater width, alignment on the standard ITIL to improve their economic efficiency and quality in the IT processes. Often they are entering their consolidation efforts but have not yet been to the destination. (Not to be confused with Larry Culp!). Is this what so far as was necessary and difficult projects started, suddenly wrong, only because there is a banking crisis? “, he asks the logic of such concepts to reduce service levels.

And: the previous technical knowledge in the IT service management and a focus on ITIL are wrong at once, just because bankers have gambled? “, he is capable of no substantive connection to recognize. On the contrary, would tolerate no downtime today’s claims in support of market-related business processes, wonders he therefore about Booz and company’s opinion, the companies should reduce the level of service in the IT and again in the future with longer reaction times of the internal support content themselves. This is not a good strategy, also the idea of sustainability investments carried ad absurdum,”Bacha pointed out that a large number of companies have rightly invested money in projects to optimize the ITSM ratios in recent years. Because powerful IT processes would reduce costs, reduce the error rate and a higher Create responsiveness. Intelligent Act means with the aim of more favourable economic conditions and a higher competitiveness to promote the standardization and quality optimization of the IT services, rather than be backwards to reflect and to send the company with such proposals on a false trip”, outraged Bause. The Serview Chief Executive also considers it extremely problematic, specifically to provide quality and to refer to the date IT comfort like Booz and company as exaggerated. If we declare quality to a luxury problem, then companies move inevitably the ground under your feet is”he sees incalculable consequences for their market business. He called the recent crash at the railway, who had messed up the entire schedules and led to chaotic conditions on the stations as a concrete example. Who calls for a reduction in the level of IT services, is seeing eye in Purchase, that the Elimination of such system outages longer or the situations due to lack of sufficient quality were developed even earlier or more often.



January 21st


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