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Tour of the highlights on the tropical island in the Indian Ocean, journey of discovery with culture, plenty of green nature, land and people get to know with Olaf Diroll, the specialists for Sri lanka travel an adventure holiday in Sri Lanka which offers a special kind Olaf Diroll travel specialist from the tour operator of travel pilot for the Pfingsferien in may from 5.5 to 19.5.2013 on. Together, 20 people should fly nonstop at the May 5 with the airline SriLankan from Frankfurt to Colombo. After jointly visit the elephant orphanage and getting to know the participants at the dinner in Dambulla detaches the travel group, to discover the island on 2 separate tours, where the choices are: tour A. culture Rundreise Sri lanka with the sites and world heritage of the UNESCO of the cave temples in Dambulla, Sigiriya rock Temple, old Royal City of Polonnaruwa wellness, Ayurveda and massage on-site (agai. Fee) B nature tour with hiking, rafting on the River, 1 overnight at camp (comfortable tents) Yala – wild animal park with waterfalls, Safari, tea plantations, Temple tour with Calls to the monks diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, surfing, bicycles, kayaks, motor boat tour on the spot (geg. Fee) both groups also visit Kandy, where you see the Kandy-dancer during a show and listen, but also in the evening the ceremony in the Temple of the tooth by Kandy visit. OLAF Diroll says he gets new every time’s a tingling feeling when entering, if the Kandytrommler with a loud roar welcome visitors. The railway journey in the Highlands with the locals along green tea plantations include as well the visit a tea factory with explanations for both tours, as is produced by the famous Ceylon tea. Buddha statues and temple with the white stupa (Dagoba called) as well as beautiful temples of Hindus accompany the journey.



April 24th