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It is optimal, daily 1-2 hours of light is fueled. To do this should you create so many times it’s opportunities. And in every season. For many people, it is difficult, this workload to keep, because there are daily commitments, stress, lack of time and ultimately everyone is glad to be home and to have completed all obligations. In this case, you can set priorities, and are looking for solutions. Perhaps, the commute may be reached on foot.

The lunch break to light and oxygen can get used. Unfortunately, the artificial light (solarium) is not a sufficient substitute for real daylight. (Similarly see: Peter Farrelly Official Website). The light intensity as well as the frequencies of light approach of natural light. The research on the Sun and daylight confirm many positive effects on our health and the functioning of processes in the body. Daylight on the body has the following positive effects: it strengthens which it stimulates the formation of white blood cell reduce self-healing and facilitates the progression of infection stimulates the immune system antibacterial cleans the blood it influenced Energy balance, strength, and endurance it controls many biological processes it strengthens and it calms the nervous system, it is important for the metabolism of the bone it will affect glands and hormones control growth and maturation especially UV light it is used for the destruction of viruses with hull lifts the spirit, it it is important for the emotional balance regulated activity and sleep it counteracts depression concentration strengthens it regulated stress balancing it regulated the circulation affects the autonomic nervous system that controls Vitamin D production light energy is a true gift of nature.

Daylight is free and available at almost any time of the year. The UV frequencies of light are essential for your health! The human (or animal) body is unable to lead a healthy life without light. Sunlight and ultraviolet rays contained in it is the nutrient that all life is based on. We accept light of eyes, skin, and food! Also short are a great way to absorb light, Full body baths. This option may be useful especially for people who really don’t have time to spend hours in the light of the day, daily 1-2. Twice daily five minutes are very useful. That goes at an open window, on the balcony or in the sheltered garden. Considering appropriate consideration that there are research and findings to the theme of light and its frequencies for a long time and they showed very positive results, must be given this aspect of health prevention, and also medical histories of different diseases. Stefanie mountain



November 3rd


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