The Linen

The linen is a plant of the family of the linceas. Its scientific name is Linum usitatissiu, of the Latin, that means ” of much utilidad”. With the linen threads of different qualities are elaborated and thicknesses and with them can be made multitude of weaves: fabrics in loom, embroiders, stocking, ganchillo, embroiderings, etc. Are the more versatile textile fiber, not even a synthetic fiber were able to improve their properties, without forgetting that he is natural, recyclable and sustainable. One is used for lingerie of the home, in decoration as it article clothing, interior and outside, and it even has technical applications (linen cloths of painter, etc). The properties of linen fabrics, as much attire are due to also consider as home clothes, on the skin and the physical state: – He is very fresh, it does not leave down and it has a easy maintenance. – He is very hygienic – nonhirrita the skin, reason why is optimal for the people with cutaneous problems.

– It is healthy because it gives off negative ions, that are those that cures. – It does not absorb bad scents nor it attracts the dirt. – He is pleasant to the tact and on the skin. – It can be boiled in the case of needing sterilization. – For unmistakable to dresses who it, because it communicates beauty and it embellishes to takes that it.

CURIOSITIES – At the outset of the civilizations the humans consumed the linseed. – Before of the 5000 a. of C. the Egyptians took linseed in the medical bags. – Hipcrates declared that power plant was used for lightening of abdominal pains and even how. – The first edition of the Quijote was printed in linen paper. – The textile industry of the linen had a great apogee in centuries XVIII and XIX, with the exports to America. In Galicia this even survived until half-full of century XX. – The synthetic fibers left in modernity to the natural ones in background. Nevertheless, important modistos were defending of the linen. So it is the case of Adolph Dominguez who importaliz the catchphrase ” the wrinkle is bella”. – People without profit spirit wanted to raise a bridge enters and the present the past, and to even bring to our days threads and weaves of long ago in fashion more vanguardista. Link of the page where photos can be seen of clothes done of linen: and to learn more on the process of elaboration of the linen.



June 1st


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