The Story

The way of life of the human being and his everyday life is built in an environment formed by groups. This social experience is not arbitrary but organized in a way that is coherent and meaningful. Since all human beings are born we have an organizational legacy (family, school), that affect us by its dynamics and are our models; being a hub and main support forming our context, we are preparing for inclusion in society, whether as an employee, as a student, as a son, as a citizen in them we identify and produce our subjectivity shaping our thoughts, feelings and actions. Daily life occurs within the various networks of relationships that establish commitments and individual and collective benefits. These relationships are implemented via the language (of communication) to coordinate these actions between each other, facilitating learning and allows us to certain autonomy front of the reference model. The organizations influence in our acts, our experiences living as something natural, almost banal; but they are sorted and are part of our existence.

Give an everyday example: consumption is regulated by our market, through their organizations business, health, sports or leisure which influence us and addressed within society we inhabit. Thus, these everyday acts are formed in a social structure that as stated Borudieu makes us what we are to incorporate it and have cognitive provisions to social practices. I.e., human relations and our daily actions are individually and collectively. If we take as an example our performance at work where common goals are prefixed, the result is the result of the interaction of the members. Therefore our day-to-day interaction has a social dimension that determines our behavior. Much of the definitions of everyday life we make reference to social reproduction: according to Heller, everyday life is the totality of the activities that characterize the unique reproductions, permanent production of the possibility of social reproduction isn’t out of the story but in the center of historic happens: is the true essence of the social substance.



October 25th