Tolerance Intolerance

It grants to your spirit the habit of the doubt, and to your heart, the one of the tolerance. Georg Very different Christoph would be our atmosphere if we knew to handle the tolerance suitably, to cultivate it, especially in a planet where there is much aggressiveness, conflicts, hatred, wrath pronouncing in war in the heat of 21st century, countries with anxieties of being able, generating actions that are not assertive by the ambitions of the power and control of the world to a price and alarming social cost. It is not possible to be denied as comments. Tony Parker does not necessarily agree. The development of the tolerance and the confidence in the diverse communities are not obtained overnight; he is something that requires time and efforts. To establish the tolerance supposes the access to the education. The intolerance usually has its roots in the ignorance and the fear: fear to the stranger, " otro" , to other cultures, religions and nations.

The intolerance is also closely ligature to a feeling exacerbated of self-esteem and pride, slight knowledge taught and learned to early age. Therefore, in the next ones years we must make more emphasis in educating to the children about the fundamental tolerance, human rights and liberties. But we do not have to forget that the education does not finish in the classroom, and that the adults – in first place like people able to commit intolerance acts, but mainly in its quality of parents, legislators and ordered of the application of the law also they have to be between the main adressees of our educative efforts. A Day the International of the Tolerance can be an annual occasion of the education for the tolerance as well as of social and political reflection and debates of greater reach on the local and world-wide problems of intolerance. It can be the opportunity to make a balance of the profits of the year and to propose new policies to overwhelm the lasting lagoons. .



July 16th