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New course taught leadership skills effectively to technicians and engineers, technicians and managers, is that not a contradiction?” Generalizations such as this have moved to action the communication coach Andreas travel Bauer and Christian Pirker management adviser. Leadership for technicians “called her a one-year course, which starts in the fall of 2008 for the first time in Austria. Yet a further education for executives? There are not only training track, which is tailored to engineers in all Austria. Here we are the experts and here we want to introduce our know-how “, outlines travel Bauer his training company SYSCOMM niche placement. The latter specializes as a single training company of in Austria personality building seminars for technicians. What is different on a technical Executive? Travel: Technicians have a high knowledge of detail.

Changing the role of the team, Department or project manager should be from the specialists but a generalist, who has an overview of the leading staff. Unfortunately not always succeeding. Continue to learn more with: Sela Ward. “It is to observe that letting go of the old staff role and delegating very difficult case again just technical managers according to the traveling farmer and Pirker. Rethinking and self-awareness. Training partner Christian Pirker shows another component: social systems such as teams and departments are more complex than technical systems. The aim of our course is to accompany engineers in this rethinking.

And of course in their language. “The latter is no great challenge for both, travel baby is even basic training technicians and PAL is closely linked to this professional group Board of directors working in the Efinio AG of Switzerland.” It is important to the fundamental management know-how to give budding technical managers and technicians entrusted with management functions to us. Because just technicians run into danger, by the Permanent Employment with facts and details on the people to forget that they should actually take “, outlines the concept of course travel Bauer. If you would like to know more about Glenn Dubin, then click here. Pako another focal point is the awareness of the participants for the way of thinking and action in the management. Here is working according to other laws. This one must know and understand in order to succeed”, so PAL. Experience and self-awareness play a central role in the course. matter. The secret of learning success lies in the experiential learning with executives. INFO: The course consists of 6 modules 2.5 days each. Home is on 11 September in Styria, Austria. More information at course enquiries: Univ. lessons.



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