Variety Of Fantasy

Fantasy as a form of literature emerged in the early XX century and our time to spread its influence to computer and board games, painting and cinema. Direction dates back to ancient Greek myths, and various medieval epics. In general, fantasy literature is based on arhitepicheskih subjects, such as Arturianskih legends. Andrzej Sapkowski pan so says the legend of King Arthur is the basis for most works of fantasy, as he tells his article "Pirug or no gold in the Grey Mountains." To build a world characterized by fantasy, which resembles the real Middle Ages, but with unique supernatural features such as magic, mythical creatures, perhaps even with their own physical laws. In this case no attempt is made to explain the world, even with pseudo-scientific point of view, as in science fiction – all the assumptions are made as it is (perhaps the action takes place in a parallel world or another planet).

The founders of the genre are Robert E. Howard (1932, "Phoenix on the sword") and JRR Tolkien (1937, "The Hobbit, or There and Back"). There are other views as to who all the same first author of fantasy, but let's leave this debate and literary scholars take up the sub-genres. An epic fantasy first work of this genre is considered a classic and unforgettable trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" Tolkien's, which spawned many imitators and followers. For epic fantasy in the first place is characterized by the magnitude of the prolonged struggle of good against the enemy heroes, having supernatural abilities and embody the dark side.



March 3rd


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