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I teach you'll be on the basis of the old (or new), good (and not) template. If you do not have nor which version of the program, I advise you to buy it (do not worry, it is to some extent free, just a lot of weight and easier to buy it on a disk than a half-day swing of Ineta). Yet we may find the following prog: Vindosovsky Pineto (Paint), any Winamp (if you like listening to music at work), well, anything at hand – to eat (and then if inspiration popret, even with a strong hunger to the refrigerator will go broke). Sela Ward is the source for more interesting facts. 3. Of what do avatars and where it came from what to take? Avatars are usually made from source – image from something that got your attention. And where You can get these sources? And you think – from what you have at your fingertips! Your (or your) pictures (they can be scanned), all sorts of wallpapers, screen shots from the cartoons, movies or games ready avatars, which, in your plan will be changed.

From scanned images. Version – an ideal, as such an avatar is sure to be unique throughout the Internet. True for some time. After you take your avatar to ban anyone can not. Use wallpaper. Desktop is your background on your desktop, and network them a fair amount. Any search engine will give you a bunch of sites with the wallpaper. But the absolute uniqueness here do not count, since it is the easiest way.



August 15th