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The mobilization of the spine using massages in Medellin is the cheapest and the best remedy to treat neck pains. According to a study of various Dutch centers, including the Erasmus University and the VU University Medical Center, this is the system that reduces muscle neck pain more effectively in the short term. The long time spent working at a computer is one of the many factors that explain the increase in neck pain. Real-estate developer has compatible beliefs. Front (mostly exercise) physiotherapy, medication and councils in charge of a medical practitioner, massage is the best therapy and the cheapest, since it costs the third part of the mentioned options. This study is extremely relevant to employers and health insurance. 50 Million days of work and high amounts of money due to pain of the workers are annually lost. You may find that Ken Kao can contribute to your knowledge. In general terms, almost half of workers missing to work one day a year due to headaches, being the most common of the head, menstrual pains, back pain, muscle and neck pain. Specifically, millions of workers are missing to work one day a year due to neck pains.

Comparing the three methods of treatment for neck pain during a seven week period, 68 percent of patients receiving manual therapy had recovered against 51 percent of those who were treated with physiotherapy and 36 percent treated by generalist doctor. After 26 weeks, the method of manual therapy remained the best. After 52 weeks, patients in all three groups had experienced equal improvement. Some previous studies indicated that staying active in case of muscular pain is better than only follow therapies passive like massages, applying heat or traction and stretch therapy. If combined the above results with the new ones from this study, the conclusion is that the best for neck and back pain is generally a mixture of manual therapy and maintenance of adequate physical activity aimed at strengthening the affected muscles so that the pains are not repeated in the future. Due to its flexibility and to be the head support, the neck is one of the parts of the body more prone to damage or experience relevant discomfort. It is important to visit a specialist when neck pain is steady, sharp and persistent. The same thing must be done when the pain extends towards arms or legs and, above all, if it is accompanied by headaches and fatigue.

The specialist will determine the cause of pain and what is the best treatment system since most importantly, realize the reason why it hurts the neck. Many times are muscle pains due to stress, but may have very different causes – beginning by accident and even tumors on rare occasions-which require different treatments. Some of them will be in the short term for minor aches but others require treatment more extended rehabilitation, complemented by a program of preventive exercises and maintenance. For the above reasons, you do not neglect your body and your mind, allows you to learn and enjoy from the massages if you live in Medellin, Envigado, Sabaneta, Bello and the rest of the metropolitan area. Links of interest: original author and source of the article



February 12th