White Helmet

If you are in the field of vision of the driver of a car, you must You immediately stand out. Their clothing must settle against the background. In urban areas, studies have shown that drivers with fluorescent and reflective clothes have a 37% lower risk of becoming involved in an accident. Riders, wearing a black motorcycle helmet, the danger is to accidents around 24% higher than for those with a White Helmet. Fluorescent clothes, as another study, although in daylight a positive effect, but only has when it stands out from a dark background. Switched on lights during daylight hours also help to alert other road users on themselves.

But also here it applies only as long as clearly from the rest of lifting off road users. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tony Parker and gain more knowledge.. Also the size of a motorcycle seems to be crucial. Straight from the front or rear, smaller motorcycles by car drivers are hard to see. Drivers of such machines should do their utmost to draw attention to themselves: go as a motorcycle rider, never from that one has noticed. Never ride in the blind spot of a vehicle passing in front of you. Not meander through tough flowing traffic. Stay as long as possible in the field of vision of rear-view mirror of a vehicle moving ahead and overtake only if you are sure that you also saw you. Rather, Honk if you believe that you have not has noticed you.

Stay in a lane. That increases the likelihood that you even noticed. If freely precedes the flow of traffic on their track and you notice that increasing the traffic on the other tracks, you must expect that impatient driver suddenly veer off, to move in the lane. Be ready always for everything.



October 24th


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