Why Are Knee Problems So Rapidly?

Polarize and judgment is no longer adequate. The knee will force people to bow before their true size. There are enough books that perfectly describe the mental spiritual background of knee ailments. In addition we can take a look at the current collective shift in consciousness, which is most people. Where is the man now? What has he been through already? What lies ahead? We have seen dependencies, oppression and exemptions.

Over a very long period of history, people have lived through all variants of “Crime and punishment”. Now the knowledge is that it the conclusions should be drawn, bring us out from this mill. The old consciousness is based on assigning blame and justification. Who is still in it, comes to borders. Frequently Anna- Belknap has said that publicly. The knee allow flexibility in going forward, so also in striving forward. If the knee pain, is bowing to the torment. But therein lies the note of our soul. Convictions and rigid reviews, where the People hold, to insist new holistic approach can be difficult.

The development, which is pending, would result in people to respect themselves, to accept and to detach themselves from blame. This automatically leads to tolerance compared to the whole, and to understanding of any individuality at all levels of human and earthly being. This rises to its true size man and recognizes as the creator of his individual reality, which is a part of the whole. Polarize, judgment and insistence in the hamster wheel turn always same rounds, until it becomes the roller coaster ride. The details in life are so important, look for the whole thing has now become so important. The knee forcing to bowing before, to true love and respect. Who stays in the persistence, gets quickly over the hip, which then prevents a going forward in ease and shows that important steps in life are not been perceived the next clue. Our seminars Take Academy for holistic awareness into a new dimension, to look through the comprehensive and to recognize one’s own life situation. Combine a little vacation with a quantum leap in your consciousness! Welcome to! Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist



March 18th


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