World Cup

GAME FEATURES -12 stadiums, which turn the battle for the title of world's best team, the arena from all participating countries tournament -100 superstars of football, everyone – with a unique appearance and style of play of national -127 teams, each team consists of real-world players. Several modes of gameplay, including a 'Global Challenge', multiplayer for eight and a lot of hidden content (the legendary players and exclusive form, etc.). PLOT (if You can call it that) you select one of 127 teams, go through the qualifying stage with her, and then you leave (depending on your game) at the World Cup, where, in fact, everything will be solved! GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY graphics and gameplay to draw solid four. Player faces are well drawn, some indistinguishable from their prototypes. Of the Russian national team players like Alexander Kerzhakov only, it is not very good.

In addition, the impression of reduced schedules so-called 'cardboard audience ', it was possible to think of something better! Maybe I do not find in the game but there is no choice of weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.) The process of the game, compared to FIFA 07, vyglyadit.Tak better, forward, left alone with goalkeeper, the ball does not peel with full force, and tries to send him tochnehonko into the net. What more can not miss – it's saving options of goals in PES 6 or PES 7, this is not a gut. MUSIC AND SOUND Everything is good. The game features 35 tracks, including including the Black eyed Peas. Nice to listen to music, it does not get boring. Over the course of a match you can help track commentators, however, and they may soon get bored. Tribunes are noisy, knocking the ball too audible. In short, five points out of five! RESULTS Game recommended for all football fans. FIFA 06 World Cup I liked it more than FIFA 07, and the size of the FIFA 06 World Cup will be smaller! The final score 4.5 points on pyatibalke. To some it may seem excessive, but someone on the contrary. In general – try!



December 19th


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