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cyberpromote launches the sale of software “GInspector” allows for the first time, be regarded as seeking on site to see them getting the search results of Google for many different countries. Google takes into account the location of the seeker on the delivery of results. Therefore, the seeker from Germany also at gets different results, as if someone in the United States is looking. Both the rankings differ, also at the AdWords gets seeking suitable advertising for his site. GInspector, a new software for Windows, you can simulate the search from 58 different countries. Thus, it is possible to analyze the actual rankings in the search engines in these countries. Recently jason iley sought to clarify these questions.

It also offers the opportunity to explore the AdWords ads of competitors, as well as live to see its own switched. The software also allows the comparison between two different representations. So you can compare directly the rankings in two different countries. Charlotte Hornets is often quoted as being for or against this. In addition you can also “normal” view shows you so as you would see it in the browser without GInspector. Another feature allows queries of the results in the many different Google data centers.

Here, you can see possible future changes. Who will get strange results, can be directly the results of individual data center. Several hundred different data center are stored in the software, which are automatically updated at each program startup. Prices: Base version: EUR 49.-for a period of 1 year (the base version allows the query of the countries Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain). Professional version: EUR 149.-for a term of 1 year the professional version includes all countries. All automatic updates and version updates are included in the runtime. The free demo version allows an extensive test of the functionality. For more information about the software, see about cyberpromote: cyberpromote is for in 1997 a leading provider of solutions in the field of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. In addition to performance-based services, cyberpromote provides software products for these segments. So, the software “Search machine glasses” views on Internet sites from the perspective of search engines ( More information about cyberpromote, see press / unternehmensportrait.htm more downloads: logos: press/images logos.htm screenshot: the sample demonstrates that in the the term “used cars” Google shows a mask for the “vehicles search’ United States as first hit, the seeker under from Germany gets not displayed. Also, the AdWords ads differ significantly.



October 21st


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