After worldwide breakthrough at the side of Mike Oldfield also solo success (fs) was your congenial collaboration with Mike Oldfield”1983 crowned by Moonlight shadow. More than three decades after her international breakthrough Maggie Reilly comes in March 2014 on a concert tour to Germany. In eight cities, the singer in addition to the aforementioned worldwide hit presents excerpts from her recent solo CD heaven sent”(label: wild heart management, sales: DA music). “” Is rounded off the live program with classics like everytime we touch”, to France, foreign affair,” true colours “or lists to your heart”. Tickets for the Club’s appearances in advance between 22 and 26 (plus fee). “Maggie Reilly sings still ethereally beautiful and offers on heaven sent’ a wide range of pop.” With these words, the music magazine GoodTimes’ new album of the native Scot summed up in the past with exceptional artists such as Jack Bruce, (cream) and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) as well as Smokie collaborated with the group.

Underscore criticism plus diverse CD: even today, even without Oldfield guitar accompaniment, is the brilliant soprano voice a class of its own. A concert tasting of their Song pendulum depending on the career section between soul-funk, rock, jazz, (euro) pop and folk / piano ballad delivered in this country most recently in the fall of 2013. When exclusive radio guest appearances underpinned Maggie Reilly completely unpretentious its status as one of the most important singers of folk POPs”(amusio). As a composer of timeless melodies, an excellent reputation precedes the gold throat. This is among other things an electronically updated cover version of her hits every time we touch”by Cascada formation. Those catchy chorus of success, which number one on the Norwegian singles chart in 1992 gave O’Reilly, helped the German dance band to frontwoman Natalie Horler 2005 even to move in the US charts. With glowing bright red hair and her voice full of youthful bloom”(Westphalian News) Maggie Reilly has until today not only fellow musicians and critics.



January 29th


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