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Hotel Eurostars Regina

There is eight (8) double rooms and one (1) single room available for the guests. Three (3) of the rooms include an extra bed. Each room has a bath with shower. It includes access to Internet, laundry, room of television, public telephone and other comforts. Swiss New inn: Located in center of Seville, the New Swiss offers gratuitous breakfast, access to Internet, and reserves for spectacles and Tours.

One is little monument distance, museums, supermarkets, and the commercial zone of the city. Inn Backpackers Oasis: Although you can do you reserve in this inn, always keep beds for clients without reserve. He is located in center of the cultural and historical zone of Seville and is to little distance of places of tourist interest. The terrace of the roof not only has a beautiful view of the city, also has a swimming pool! HOTELS IN SEVILLE Examples of hotels in Seville: Hotel Hesperia Seville: This hotel is a five (5) minutes of the station of the train and to fifteen (15) minutes of the international airport San Pablo. It includes zone of maintenance, restaurant, bar, camera of I bronze, jacuzzi, and covered swimming pool. Hotel Eurostars Regina: This hotel three (3) stars of 90 rooms, is to little distance of the historical center of Seville. It is close to the Museum of Beautiful Arts and the Cartuja Park. The services and amenities, include zone of maintenance, bar, newspapers, breakfast buffet, and rent of automobiles.

Best Western Cervantes Hotel: The Best Western on foot is only ten (10) minutes of the Cathedral, the Giralda Tower, and the thematic park the Magical Island. Account with crystal ceilings and was completely remodelado in 2006. The services and amenities include zone of maintenance, elevator, breakfast buffet, access to Internet, and soundproof rooms. APARTMENTS IN SEVILLE Examples of rent Seville apartment: Seville Tree-lined avenue 2: This apartment in center has capacity for three (3) people in a typical Sevillan house of Seville. It is in the place Tree-lined avenue of Hercules, who is a park with many bars, restaurants and stores. It includes bath with shower, room, cooks American, television, radio, and computer with access to Internet. Pear tree 156 Seville: This apartment is located in center historical of the colorful locality of the Macarena. It is in a calm street near one of the main arteries that the Market lodges Fair every Thursday. During this market the street is full of positions where the retailers sell a great variety of articles. This lodging in Seville has capacity for four (4) and includes a washing machine, conditioned air, television and service of cleaning.

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Amy Winehouse

Beyond having that to aturar you criticize them to all that the other people who do not simpatizam with you, they launch to all hour, making, some times, you to turn chacota in the media. It will be that you would support everything this? Some people yes, but others, simply are not in emotional conditions to support all this load. It beats estresse thus it. In this, the income of them starts to fall a little e, as consequence, starts to leave the focus of the media. Its popularity starts to fall, and consequentemente proper they if pressure to come back of some form toward the focus of the media, and to continue to make the success, that made.

In the imperfection, she beats the depression. Then, in one she finishes attempt desperate of if mater in the focus, if they involve in scandals. But on the inside they are shaken emotionally and with me the imprensso who had obtained with the scandal, only makes to get worse its state. in an attempt to run away from all this reality, is that they are delivered it I vitiate of the drugs and drinks, being necessary then, a type of psychological aid. The cases are several that we have in the media of celebrities who had fallen in this situation, being most famous, the Britney Space, Elvis Preasley, Michael Jackson, and Amy Winehouse, (that it allowed that all this situation took it the death). It is then the question. It will be that money and fame really are everything in the life? Would be they, more important of what a simple life, however, more tranquila? will be that they are more important of what to a psychological life healthful?

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