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Communication With Dementia Alzheimer

To communicate with patients where they can talk to. We know there are to communicate two ways: verbally (in words) and non-verbal (body language). Verbally, we communicate constantly, even if we remain silent! One cannot not communicate. (P. Watzlawick) with small children we communicate about our facial expression, our body posture and voice.

To get various things with forms, colours, smells, taste, surfaces and noise: 5 sense cognition/true perception. Thus we reach the autonomous vegetative nerve system of analog neural network I of the people and can influence the behaviour of the small child. Emotionalisieren. Manages the hospital also in dementia Alzheimer’s? Increasing problems with memory, focus, concentration and planning skills to dementia = brain weakness, which complicates the unbearable. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Source: Alzheimer’s disease what can I do?, volume 2 coming we first in Physiology (excerpt): meta level: nature = open system, order = Cybernetics of 3. O.

selected sub systems of the sub system man management 1: neural network central nervous system I (CNS I, analog): autonomic autonomic (animal) nervous system: spinal cord, brainstem, diencephalon central nervous system II (CNS II, digital): diencephalon, cerebrum is the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia no reverse infant-adult development process! Also, the disease should not be confused with autism! The life of the infant is a growth and development process. People with autism have communication problems as children. People with dementia has of course age-related limitations in true perception and behavior. The dementia Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia disease, decay process embodies a brain mass. The dementia-Alzheimer’s disease process can begin around the age of 30. This consists (history) and the complementary process of dementia from the natural aging process. Most people stay mentally as much as possible fit to the Death (ideal). The final irreversible Alzheimer’s process. We have it first with a natural human aging process to do.

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October 24th


Abguar Bastos

Amongst its workmanships, Jose Ildone published, in the sort poetry, Tiradentes: Blood Spilled for the Gold of the Freedom and I sing in the Field (1974 – 1 place in the Competition of Military Policia of the State of the Par, university level and 3 place in the I Festival of Music and University Poetry, respectively); Soil d? Water (1979 – Vespasiano Prize Branches, of the Academy Paraense de Letras, sort poetry; reading in the 1989 vestibular contests the 1991); Moons of the Time (1983); Romanceiro of the Cabanagem (1985); The Hour of the Rooster and Trilogy of the Exile (1987). In it chats, the vigiense writer produced: History of the Official Press of Par (1985); The Return to the Caves (1989? folhetim, 48 chapters, published in the weekly supplement ' ' Here Belm' ' , of the Periodical the LIBERAL one); Native Maria (1989/1990? folhetim following, interrupted for the Collor Plan); Introduction to Literature in Par (1990? co-authors: Clvis Meira and Acyr Castro); Slight knowledge of History of Vigia (1991). Regarding the poetical one of Ildone, more specifically concerning Soil d? Water, Abguar Bastos (apud Meira, Ildone and Castro, 1990:231) described thus it: Its talent and its goldsmithery to vocabular not only illuminate: Poet of race, here it is there. Rhythm in the cadence of the tambores. In if treating to lands and seas, cadenciadas sensations of waves … the poetical jewels are many …. The Saga of the Vigilengas rescende to the alegorias of the Mediterranean epics. It goes to the classic-gongrico, in a flashing …. Still concerning the production of Ildone, the academic gaucho Lothar Hessel (apud Meira, Ildone and Castro, 1990: 231) affirms: ' ' Telluric poetry, of this marajoara polimorfo, reflecting very of close the ambincias it great valley, but also transmutando itself for dom of the great poetry, mark of well little people of what people pensa' '.

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