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Musicaclick, the social network for independent musicians, has launched recently its Cruilla Barcelona 2012 contest on its Facebook page do you want a double credit for the Festival of musics Cruilla Barcelona 2012, which will take place on 6 and 7 July? Nothing so easy. Only there to register in the contest of the Musicaclick Facebook page and correctly answer the question it asks. Only with this already you can be the winner of the contest! You can go directly to the contest at this link: held at the Parc del Forum, Barcelona, this will be the fifth edition of the Festival Cruilla and as always is packed with artists of first level as: Iggy & The Stooges, The Specials, Cypress Hill, 2 Many Dj s, Julieta Venegas, and a long etcetera. The full poster can be consulted at the following link: currently in beta, the social network for independent musicians Musicaclick opens its range for all types of artists and genres. Its objectives are to promote the work of their artists, enhance networking among them and offer them increasingly more tools to check your progress.

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March 26th


Independent Artists

If you are an artist of independent, any genre of music, and they have one day wishes to be famous and make lots of money and inherit the fame and popularity that comes with being a successful musician, take note: 1) do a very good song. Many artists have built their careers with a single successful song. It is a realistic possibility. To be sure, aga many songs with the hope that one of these be catch somewhere and you a know. (2) Get your songs heard. You can send your music to record labels, them you can put on MySpace pages, burn them on CD and sell them to the public, or radio stations to request. The radio is very good due to an audience of 1000 s can hear his masterpiece and perhaps somehow influence radio programming to continue to spin the music.

(3) Create a fan page on Facebook. This is very good for many reasons, because not only is Facebook the most popular social networking site, but that puts you in direct contact with their fans and has the ability to grow the fans at an enormous rate. (4) Create a static HTML page (personal page). This only has to include a photo, biography, and information about their music, including MP3 and videos of sample. (5) Creating videos and posting them to YouTube. You can easily synchronize lip or create a kind of pass for a show of photos with audio behind him and put it on YouTube.

This is also a great way to be seen in a point of view of the performance and a great way to gain more followers and subscribers. (6) It is clear that creating a page on MySpace and upload their songs that play in a list as soon as a visitor comes through your page. This is also a great tool because you are not only able to win fans, but there are good music business contacts that reside on MySpace. (7) Obtain music web sites, forums and blogs to publish your music and offer comments to its visitors. This is a good tactic because the sites have already created a public and the trust with visitors who are more likely to read whatever they suggest. (8) Create a Twitter account. Keep fans updated on what you’re doing and working on invite their input. (9) Perform in clubs as much as possible. Get your face and name out there. Interact with their fans, network with other musicians and directors of the industry, and possibly cd sale, while you’re at it. (10) Use a delivery service of music that will offer an overall package that we hope to offer all main services; presence on the web, Airplay, social networks, and visibility.

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March 3rd

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