Scientific procedures for optimal quality of care in the Wadersloher retirement home WADERSLOH. An important prerequisite for the well-being of dementia is above all the human touch in addition to a skilled care. Because only a caring and loving care creates confidence. This ensures that the device is not home, but home for elderly seniors. The scientific process of dementia care mapping (DCM), which it applies in the Seniorenheim St Josef in Wadersloh, also offers the ability to back up the protraction patient care quality through careful observation and to organise. The elderly lady sitting in her wheelchair in the cozy living room corner of their home group. A staff of senior home St. Josef Platz has taken right next to her.

In the context of individual care he will contact to the resident suffering from dementia using a therapy Doll by gestures and language. This observed and documented a DCM-trained colleague their reactions. If you have read about Sofar already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Every five minutes the day will captures the citizen and one of 24 possible behavior categories associated with. Whether in promoting individual such as active participation in preparing food to preserve the independence of nursing care or employment opportunities in the community: everything is important and is written up. In addition, the supervisor assesses the resident well-being and it recorded a six-point scale. The technique we use here in St. Josef, called dementia care mapping, short DCM.

It was developed at the University of Bradford and is used to study the care of people with dementia. We are trying with the accurate documentation of daily routine and reactions to get an overview and to determine the condition of our dementia residents’ nursing Director Astrid Thiele-Jerome explains. This method of analysis requires additional training to the DCM observer. We attach importance to the training of our employees. Because in St. Josef, we want to offer a home to the inhabitants and the aging and life help with dementia. This also includes that we will deal with the life of each resident.We work closely with members. Because we want to know what experiences and experiences have shaped the people. This is useful especially for the application and implementation of the dementia care mapping. We know our residents and help you understand with this knowledge of their reactions”, explains Andreas Waldron Facility Manager. General Electric Co. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Now the older Lady grabs the hand of the doll. Your reaction to the donation. This response is provided by the observer with a positive assessment of DCM. At the end of the observation unit, all data are processed and handled in specific statements. Overall, they emit a mood of the dementia resident. In the team, the observation is evaluated together. So every employee knows exactly how the contact triggers a positive mood at the senior citizen. These instructions are incorporated in the further planning of care. This will ensure that everything is possible for the well-being of the Resident will be implemented. DCM is a procedure that we employ useful in taking care of our residents suffering from dementia. Expertise alone is not decisive but. People with dementia need people feel to be there. That’s why we’re for them, with a lot of heart”, the nursing service management says finally.



February 3rd


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