Strange but true, to travel without stopping at the hotel, not only possible but easy and profitable! Every time when she goes on vacation or business trip, we have to choose where to live: in a hotel, which I confess I do not like, or in the private sector, which has never guess. I do not like the hotel because it is expensive, and often quite unnecessarily. The private sector – is, in general, a lottery. You never know where and how have to spend the night. When we as a student went on a vacation – it was not so important exactly where to live, the main thing that was expensive. But now all this guessing game began to act on the nerves: "Why can not I get affordable and quality housing? ". It turns out I can. the administrator.

In the CIS countries and Baltic states for several years now there are companies that provide apartments for rent. It turns out very convenient: you can not leave the house, choose a suitable apartment in the right area, almost any tourist town. Each apartment renovation. There is a luxury five-room apartments and low odnushki. Medium version will cost about 70-90 USD per apartment per night, ie, as a double room in a three-star hotel.

But this money does not get a room, and the whole apartment with a kitchen (which, incidentally, allows you to save money on decent food). Apart from price, there are other advantages – you can take any number of guests who can stay up to what you like hours. Free apartments have always, even in the midst of the season. Flats can be preselected and ordered through the Internet without leaving home. Pay You can use a credit card, on the one hand allows no stranger to wander the city with a large sum of cash, while the other is important for parents. You can pay rent and fumes to be sure that this money will not go on entertainment. In addition, not every city is a decent hotel. In cities such as Melitopol, Vinnitsa, Sumy is simply not profitable. In this case the apartment – it's a great outlet for business travel, and tourism. It turns out that rent apartments and cheaper and more convenient and better. What's the catch? I must say that there are no miracles. Just business owners of rental apartments and more quickly adapt to current market realities. Unlike owners hotels, which are inherited from the Soviet era have got useless plumbing, hamovaty staff and piles of concrete in the wrong place, a new wave of businessmen to obtain the main advantage – mobility. They chose the best apartment in the most appropriate places to scratch typed staff of professionals, from maids to marketers and programmers, and most importantly – able to build a modern business model, in which head we stand – the clients. In result, by 2008 we were able to relax in the apartments that meet the most stringent European standards, at a price of 70 USD / per night per apartment. With the ability to select and order through the Internet. PS. If you are interested in renting apartment, just drive in to the Yandex: "apartments", "apartments in Moscow," or welcome-to-russia.



January 19th


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