Air Mechanism

Space On-Air is a new online game of puzzle that requires bit of logical thinking and some knowledge of mechanics. Imagine yourself travelling through outer space and trying to manage a sophisticated configuration of lines! Does seem wonderful and the exorbitant time, truth? Then walk for craters you’ll find a mechanism with the antenna up. Your task is to eliminate unnecessary this mechanism lines without dropping below the limit of white antenna. Construction can oscillate acquiring rare contours but if it finally falls for not having any important element than you by chance you list everything will fall down breaking in pieces, and you will have to start the level again. If you would like to know more then you should visit Simon Pagenaud. How many lines is necessary to remove completing levels in this free puzzle online game? In general it is enough to remove two lines but it is better that don’t rush, because it is more likely that you make a mistake. We recommend removing the beginning only one line, and then wait a little until the mechanism stops rotating and swinging. You may find that Sela Ward can contribute to your knowledge.

You have to pay attention to the circle violeto above the screen with hourglass that signaliza your result if it turns green, it means that you can click and go ahead. If you take too many lines or for example few lines erroneous, the mechanism is tilted down cayendose. In this case the robot that makes you know about your failure appears. Concluindo levels of this * game free puzzle, you can develop your own strategy of actions with the lines, but there is some good advice start with lateral lines at the beginning and avoid touching the center lines because the latter are a basis of the mechanism. Space On-Air offers a fun way of enjoy the puzzles of logic and mechanics absolutely free. Explore the challenges of the unknown planet by solving the tasks of this new puzzle game!



January 22nd