Allegretto Concerto

The advantages of the Allegretto wave Concerto at a glance. In 2005, a new, State of the art and extremely fast eye laser has been introduced. He is called Allegretto wave Concerto and was from the global technology leader in refractive surgery WaveLight laser technology AG from Germany, Erlangen develops and manufactures. Hyperopia can be corrected up to + 6 and astigmatism up to 6, as well as short-sightedness to-10 diopters now in 6 seconds on average per eye. The Concerto laser is used for the LASIK procedure (laser in situ Keratomileusis”) and enjoys a very good reputation since then, due to its advantages for the operating surgeon and the patient.

Today is the new laser in many clinics around the world. This includes above all Germany as corporate headquarters. However, the Allegreto wave Concerto is used also in the now very famous and quality LASIK Turkey successfully. There treat is now several thousand patients a year and often combine their travel with a short break. The LASIK surgery is considered the world’s most performed surgical procedure with almost 20 million treatments. In the course of development of the Concertolasers, must opt for a LASIK surgery probably more glasses and contact lens wearers, because the advanced technology your eye a few patients short moments her eyes hold motionless. Many people had, because she has some were allowed to move their eye and the Zuck danger was great fear carried out such intervention. In addition postoperative complications could be reduced due to the extremely short time of the laser.

As a result, the healing process runs faster and restful and the end result is better overall. The healing process of corneal is completed after a few hours, causing inflammation or other complications can be avoided. In addition to improved patient comfort was mainly the greatest possible safety in the development of the laser unit in the foreground. The sometimes unconscious eye movements of the patients are the Concerto followed 500 times per second and adjusts the laser treatment accordingly. This function also known as the eyetracker “. By the round profile of the laser, the corneal tissue in the eye can be removed also evenly and to the point exactly. This allows the correction of refractive error, that can not be corrected with normal LASIK or glasses and contact lenses. Concerto in addition measures the thickness of the treated cornea in real time and allows the surgeon to intervene at any time to modify. High vision defects can be treated so well. In addition, Allegreto wave Concerto is the first eye laser, which controlled the entire procedure in real-time and logged. Thus the doctor can ensure a high quality standard and also the patient can get insight in his treatment of data.



July 10th


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