Alpine Idyll

It allows Although, to record the subjects from a distance, but also the quality of the picture worsens. Professional photographers manage this for distance shooting with telephoto lenses has over the a standard compact camera, however. Approach instead prefer as close as possible to the object to be photographed. Photos work better when ingested from nearby and all the details are clearly visible. 2 It will sell new ways rather than invites out paths depending on the unusual motive is, the better. With classics you can create any attention: the palms on the beach, the Alpine Idyll or the sea surf photographed thousands of times already.

Have good chances, however, photos that stand out from the crowd: people in action, or with strong emotions, unusual objects, images with unusual perspective. Observe: If people are depicted in the photos, you need their consent. Submit a so just pictures of people you know or with the publication expressly agree. 3. In the right light, seem a good illumination of the subject is extremely important. You should observe the different lighting conditions. Just the midday sun very brightly illuminated motifs, details in the shadows are hardly to perceive.

Even in backlit high contrast result. Ideally, the phases are shortly after sunrise and in the declining Sun. The light generates very pleasant colors at the beginning of the day. The time of declining or low standing Sun emerges the motifs in a beautiful light and ensures long shadow, which in turn give rise to depth and structure in the pictures. The camera’s internal Flash can help illuminate, but often too flashy. If you hold a thin paper but a few inches before the Flash, it acts as a diffuser, which softens the light. 4. Finishing touches to the PC a light post processing on the PC can help to make a perfect from a beautiful image.



November 18th


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