American Economic Review

to fight against obesity is becoming a political priority in almost all developed countries, but it has been shown that the current economic crisis, which is still wreaking havoc in the world and that does not seem to find channel of recoil, favors the increase of the same. Partly because people leave attend gyms which leads to a decrease in physical activity during non-working period, and partly because they begin to replace more expensive and healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy by the lower cost, as the starchy and known as food waste. In Spain for example, is considered that one third of children are at risk of being obese adults. He is believed that technological advance offering simple and economic way the machines of fast foods, which can be found almost anywhere, is one of the causes. The American Economic Review magazine considers that calories are spent at work or diviertiendose. With progress, the work has become more sedentary, the that it relates to a decrease in its spending to lose much of the manual labor of other centuries. The population with higher income has been able to replace that loss of manual labor by physical leisure activities. But when income insufficient to pay for this new way to compensate the downtime, they would become an important added cause of obesity. A problem to be studied deeply in order quickly to find a solution.



November 23rd