Andy Duguid

A month later there is talk of such style as Trance. People arranged homemade disco and twisted it with the compiling of the night until morning. This was my first success in spreading the influence of Tiesto. Enormous popularity and influence our idol was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics Games in Greece. Looked at him the whole planet. As a teenager playing in a small club The Spock he already had a potential winner and number 1. Besides the fact that he is a dj, Theis well represented throughout the world as a sound producer, artist, remixer. He is in greatly influenced the future of such famous DJs as: Mark Norman, Fonzerelli, Leonid , Andy Duguid, Deadmau5, Sied van Riel, Sander van Doorn Its simplicity nature and ability to love their work suggests that from the very beginning of he sought. If you look at what some of the great DJs take music lessons from teachers, Tiesto learned everything myself.

This man is very rich in charisma and endless imagination. Traveling to remote corners of our planet Maestro each year, increases the number of their fans. More influenced by Tiesto at the world through a change of style. Trance has become boring and monotonous for him. He has enough strength to survive the withdrawal of his first record label Black Hole Recordings where he worked all this time. And it gave him more strength to continue their activities. Change of style, he brought a lot of noise around them, but most people do to him just tightened even closer. In our time, not every dj can create your own style of music. Tiesto called him Maximal. This style does not knows no boundaries. It mixes in all the styles and genres of music. This had an impact on an audience that was not previously known Theis. Experiments have benefited and met his title! Title of the best on the planet! Tiesto has always been, is and will be a great a man who has invested a huge contribution to the development of electronic music. He did what he did is not a dj in the world! That he was the first dj-Goodwill Ambassador to Africa, is it the first dj whose statue stands in Madame Tussaud’s, is it the first dj, who opened the Olympic Games!



October 31st