You do not go to want to die frozen before its discovery, therefore, – he wants yourself, our coats are appropriate for this climate. The mother folloied who it, came close itself and was based itself little on a square shaped rock less than two meters of front to the Danyad. interrupts the dialogue: – Please Ehud, before I do not forget me: Levi and Rosana confirmed in them that they will come to Brazil in the vacations, and leave of Italy in day two of August. It asked to me if we will go with them to the Jericoacoara. Danyad tries to interrupt the colloquy speaking in low tone to the ear of the father. – I never before had seen a parchment to the living creature, I leave to catch me it! Beloved, calls it velino and has pretty calm.

It does not want to look like themselves or to behave as a child leaves to speak me with its mother! – Dany Hears, even so calls this parchment, this in the reality is a velino, therefore he is as they called old all parchment made in skin ovinos, and until today the scholars call thus it. Roch Ehud is turned toward Macmary answering it: It looks at Mac, me does not seem probable very that I come back toward Brazil in this space of so short time, therefore, for the visa, I will have that to be it enters these mountains for plus some time, – it is what I am foreseeing for the floor of the covered cart. – I find interesting and I am thankful that it takes care of my children when arriving of Italy, therefore I believe that I will arrive in time together to saborearmos those pretty beaches.



October 10th