Art Nouveau

Parquet flooring in the kitchen. Especially appropriate flooring in a part of the kitchen, where the table (preferably round), where guests eat breakfast in the morning, or reading a newspaper. Zone, where the kitchen herself with kitchen appliances, you can use a ceramic tile – organically in harmony with parquet tile or a stone aged by the board. To dock the two different materials can help a designer and an experienced paver flooring. Docking may be contrast, with the help curb drawings or special transition elements or nyuansnoy and almost unnoticeable, if the materials are chosen identical. Kitchen can also be used bamboo flooring, but it is worth remember that it is poorly sanded, and its life – 5-8 years. Parquet floor in the nursery. This environmentally friendly coating is much more favorable to children's health than any other floor coverings.

In addition, parents do not have worry that the legs of their offspring will freeze – parquet retains heat even in cold weather, especially if used in subbase 2-2,5-mm layer of sheet cork. In addition, this layer will protect neighbors from excessive noise and trampling, and hence give children more freedom. In the children make good use of glossy varnish the floor – this room will add reflected light and make the room lighting more uniform. Let children participate in the selection of shaped friezes, mosaics, and even elements of art parquet – this will allow them to feel the artists and creators of its interior. We can say even the main part of it, yet it is here child plays, carpentry, drawing … Another important point: children's best to use flooring with tangential cuts, which is considered a beneficial influence on the psyche, prone to emotional outburst.

The parquet in the corridor. Gloss varnish on the dance floor corridor will create a feeling of airiness and gravity walls. It is due to varying reflectivity of the coatings used for parquet flooring, we can solve the problem Light, very relevant in the hallways and other rooms without windows. With a parquet pattern, you can change the visual perception of the geometry of the corridor: elongated space visually expand laying herringbone or laying across the deck. Furthermore, the use of art parquet in the hall will give the whole apartment feel special sophistication inherent, as noted in the beginning, only the palaces. The parquet in the bedroom. Game opaque or satin lacquer allows to observe the proper atmosphere to the bedroom and to create sense of comfort are no worse than dlinnovorsovy rug. At the same time not provoking, unlike the latter, not the slightest allergy. Honed lacquer smooths out the sharp light and balances dissonant lighting levels in the interior. Very good flooring (especially the deck stowage) looks in the interior, outstanding country style. But for the Art Nouveau style is better suited herringbone, mainly in the modern variants of stacking (offset, double or triple). In addition, in a dressing room adjacent to the bedroom, too, it is appropriate to use the parquet to create more comfort and elation.



June 25th


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