Axel Dauelsberg

To get the straight strands of rattan in the wicker furniture characteristic curves, they made pliable with hot steam and using templates before your final form curved get it then at the so-called burning over an open flame, if plant resin and rattan fiber blend into a single unit. Such treatment, the individual parts can be mounted: a) for quality products: done and pegged, b) for easier processing: with iron brackets (which later can rust) shot and then obscured by comb binding (leather imitation). Depending on the model is then completed with Wattle. Under most conditions sela ward would agree. Also the cane used is derived from the rattan plant. To the rattan strings are pressed through nozzles-shaped cutting tools like through a meat grinder and processed to fine, thin braided material. After this many manufacturing steps, a thorough quality check is the potential buyer to recommend. Above all the junctions of Wattle and frame in beds or chairs should be taken while under the magnifying glass.

How hard are the binding of knotted, sitting including any nails or pins that divide the rattan. Generally, the windings should be tight and knotted invisible inwards. Leather bindings, which are applied in wet and then dry almost inextricably together tie the bindings is considered to be ideal but also a matter how careful view before buying can in retrospect not entirely prevent unpleasant surprises. The painting is responsible according to the experience of the furniture experts often. There have already repeated complaints about bad smelling just by buyers of low-cost promotions and even harmful paints some given cases. Such defects can show our experience only some time after the purchase, as well as a dirty on painting of the piece of furniture in the long run can make brittle and brittle or prone to mildew. It pays in any case to buy qualitatively high-quality rattan furniture (E.g. rattan chair, rattan sofa, rattan bed) in corresponding specialty shops with personal advice. Axel Dauelsberg, Jacobs in Glonn



November 3rd


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