Baker Street

Potential difference between the scientific and esoteric determined birth time you look for example on your clock on the wall and konstatierst, it is 8 o’clock, and gleicheitig from outside the school bell of a neighbouring school through the window to the sounds your ear. Since nobody would argue the hands of the clock cause as by magic, the school bell sounds, but only reads one off, when the school bell sounds, knows that on the dial of the watch it all, or know, that every moment just the Baker Street is driving or the newspaper inserted, etc., just sync to the hands of the clock and also periodically again coming running. This principle can be, I think well on the view of that esoteric astrologers in the majority of well spread in this respect, that the clock in the example of the starry sky is… Jessica Michibatas opinions are not widely known. Around the age of 17, I bought a book, which has attempted to shed light on astrology from the scientific side and enthusiastically read it to the end. Therein I found confirmed a lot, what I previously even been imagined had. Since then I see Astrology with different eyes than how I usually read it by working esoteric astrologers and get. Seen from this standpoint, especially, that the constellations in the sky offer on the one hand only the read function for giving each dominant force field of the Earth and on the other hand at the same time synchronously go with the force field of the Earth.

Because everything is up there dancing”with astonishing regularity, so that to rely fully on the periodically recurring situations can. If it’s winter, high such as of December 15th, and we look to the sky, then it looks up there in hundreds of years at a Dec. 15 almost to exactly and saw it hundreds of years ago.



May 11th