Barceloneta Festival

The musical quotations from the weekend will bring pop, yeye, electronic rhythms, rock, ethnic sounds and large doses of electronics. Poll: what is the best lineup of 2011? The agenda of the music festivals going off dates as the summer progresses. But there are still many to enjoy. You may want to visit Sela Ward to increase your knowledge. After the celebration of the IFF, Arenal Sound returned to Castellon to lovers of the independent by the sea sounds, while Gijon, always at the latest, will opt for the spirit of the 1960s in the Euroyeye Festival. Also the District of la Barceloneta in Barcelona, will be starting this Thursday and until Sunday a great celebration thanks to the Busker s Festival, a quotation that promotes cultural diversity. Electronics will install its reign in Arriondas (Asturias), in the Aquasella. These are the details: Arenal Sound to just a few kilometers from the place where every year takes place the Festival of Benicassim and with your same passion for independent pop and electronica, Arenal Sound is presented more as a little brother of him, loving and promising, that as a competitor.

With just two years of life and a somewhat shorter poster featuring the of his master, however international figures of the stature of Scissor Sisters, The Charlatans, Rinocerose, Tiga or Paul Thomson from Franz Ferdinanz. In the national party are unbeatable Vetusta Morla, as well as Love of Lesbian, The Albionauts and Russian Red. They are not its unique strengths: scenarios are found by the Sea (on the beach of the Arenal in Burriana, Castellon) and the price of your subscription, if you buy in advance, was very reasonable (65 euros for four days of concerts and five camping). From this Thursday, however, there is no fertilizers below 110 euros.



November 24th


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