We must also know to trust in our children, but we will be avoiding to develop their potential without passing through experiences that will help overcome new challenges. If you think that your child is a champion that can conquer life, you give with your confidence a huge boost to its future performance. Another factor to take into account will be the respect that we must have to shape how our children build their own reality, to which we have to eradicate the idea that our children must comply with the expectations that we could not make, that prevent respect our son such and as is. Similarly, respect for the couple will be crucial, since the rejection of the behaviors of our couple will cause a profound emotional mark on our children. What is very important is separating behavior of the identity of your partner, as well as to accept that such conduct could appear on your child. An important part in the coaching process is the relationship that is established between the coach (father) and the coachee (son), so must put all our attention every time we talk with our children, and thus maximize the little time we have with them to make it a moment of training with quality of listening, attention and powerful feedback towards them. A good coach needs to be a warrior to mark the limits that lastimarian the champion if not respecting them, to defend it from the dangers that holds the path to the goal, for it must control the intensity of the fighting father-son, because that will give us the opportunity for creative alternatives of solving the conflict resulting in the personal growth of both participants. The father (coach) should seek to develop the talents needed to achieve the desired goal in his son (coachee), therefore we should encourage various forms of responses to the same situations that arise him, doing to use their skills and abilities that have.



December 1st