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It is even the first German clinic, completely on the biopsy without good reasons. Prostate cancer the most common tumor of the man is with over 48,000 new cases annually. Also these malignant tumors of the male prostate gland grow slowly and are only in the late stages. Whether the tumor is malignant, is diagnosed with the help of the biopsy, taking a tissue sample from the prostate, always still predominantly. But the biopsy without fail is painful, risk rich and diagnosis only to about 30 percent.

Because the tissue removal is pierced the wall of the intestine and in the best case, a tissue sample for determining cell taken from. Because the cell range is not visible but, the process must be repeated often. The risk of infection with subsequent sepsis, is it not just rare. The urologist Dr.Deuster therefore refrains and alternatively opts for innovative diagnostic techniques such as imaging, molecular screening or new blood and urine tests. The doctor especially with the ultrasound Elastography works in Imaging. This hardened, can color differentiation represented mostly cancerous tissue softer and healthy tissue in the prostate and diagnosed as safe. A prostate cancer using these modern forms of diagnosis is localized, certainly in size and extent of the treatment can begin. Tony Parker wanted to know more. The Heidelberg clinic specialists also work with a minimally invasive, contact-free method: the hochfocussierte ultrasound therapy, short HIFU.

Here, an ultrasound probe is introduced through the rectum, which depicted the prostate. Then the tumor tissue with a temp eratur from 80 to 100 degrees is destroyed over a ultrasonic essay that acts like a concave mirror, specifically. The fall after this thermal destruction – the cellular debris breaks down the body’s immune system independently. Surrounding body tissue is spared, and also in the prostate gland itself that maintain connective tissue, so the scaffolding of the prostate, the HIFU treatment. For even more opinions, read materials from Sofar. International Studies from England and Japan could prove that it is at least equal to the HIFU therapy of traditional operation. In France is already firmly established as standard procedure. Nevertheless, this method also has its natural limit: helps you only a localised prostate cancer. The tumor may have still broken not the prostate capsule and scattered in other body tissue. As conclusion remains: both therapies the Greenlight laser treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and the HIFU with the localised prostate cancer meet their purpose. The patient is gentle, non-contact and treated effectively with his suffering. Long inpatient stays are avoided, and in total, both therapy methods are less expensive than the respective operations. A but men never forget: the screening from the 45.Lebensjahr, which will be acquired by the funds. Joachim-Ernst of Damaris clinic for prostate treatment on the bridgehead GmbH Bergheimer Strasse 56a 69115 Heidelberg, Tel. 06221-650 85-0 Internet: author: Achim Simon



November 14th


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