Broken Seals

The noise from the ramjet exhaust – Oh, how tired of the type-Schumacher. Just change the muffler. What sense do soundproofing the car, when problems with the body and the elements? Noise, soft whistle, which penetrate from outside the car at high speeds – Broken Seals doors, windows and door panes – Replace the seals. Noise, soft whistle, which penetrate from outside the car at high speeds – Tightly closed doors windows, vents, door – Close windows, vents, door noise, soft whistle, which penetrate from outside the car at high speeds – When repairing body under carpets on the floor of cabin noise insulation forgot to put a layer of material – Check the protective layer, if necessary, install a new noise, whistling from the roof at high speeds – a roof rack or racks – No need to dismantle the trunk. Relingi. Especially common in SUVs. Just accept it.

Noise from the doorways at high speeds – If adjustments door locks, in which the surface at the joints do not fit exactly – Set the correct Noise from the clearances of doorways at high speeds – Installation of decorative elements on the body (plates, spoilers, etc.) – Avoid installing unnecessary accessories and other pseudo-tuning stuff. Penetrating from the outside noise and vibration of body parts – Damaged by corrosion body parts leaking cabin and lead to a reduction of hardness – to overhaul the body Rattle – Loose connections in the plastic panels Salon – Conduct an audit, to replace the fasteners in the assembly to apply the sealant and seal noises from the engine compartment – No caps partitioning engine compartment – Set stub. Very rasrostranennaya problem especially after the installation of alarms, pulling amps. As an option – otsutsivie plugs or damage on the side pillars. Particularly common in cars, where the curves hands pulled the speaker wires systems in the door.

The noise from the engine compartment – Broken anthers drive pedals – Replace anthers What sense do soundproofing the car when engine problems? A topic that ought to devote a separate article. We have not met the owner of the machine (especially diesels), who would say – guys, I have a slider that's here isdohnet. Most often, we hear, it is an ideal. The fact that he jumps out from under the hood, what the car is shaking like a epelipticheskogo fit, what could the back and blue smoke – this is normal. Vibration – in fact check everything. From the work of the cylinders, topnasosov, pillows engine, candles, etc. Ie In this case we suggest you visit dvigatelisty, and owners of diesel machines – stop pouring biodiesel and diesel fuel stolen.



January 19th


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