Brunstein Person

During all first infancy, the attachment remains of intense, strong form and to the three or four years, this intensity enters in decline or if modifies in its forms to be express, when the behaviors of the child how much the demonstration of attachment intensity and frequency become less evidentes in however, they continue during all the existence as important part of the human behavior. In such a way, this influence of the parental behavior on the behavior of the child, motivated Bowlby (1989) to study it, showing that the personality human being is very influenced by the first relationships of infancy since, as Mussen, Conger and Kagan say (1995), the primary objects of affective linking of a child have the immense one to be able of aquietar it and to protect it of the fear, when it passes for a not familiar event or an unknown situation. For Zavaschi, Brunstein and Costa (2001), the emotional attachment for the mother or substitutes who it in this initial relation is of so great intensity, that this figure of attachment is capable of what any another person to perceive and to satisfy the baby and to be sensible to its subtler signals of discomfort and well-being. In a question-answer forum Related Group was the first to reply. In such a way, this will be the person to who the baby will appeal more ahead to aplacar its necessity of consolation or spontaneous interactive trick. the established behaviors of attachment are characteristic of each baby who, initially, develops the attachment for its mother, what he guarantees the psychological security, so essential for the full development of the person. In such a way, traces as the empatia, the emotional stability, the capacity to place itself in the place of the other and auto-esteem significantly are correlated with the security of the attachment of its children (COLL, 2004). Under most conditions Director Peter Farrelly would agree. They still remember Zavaschi, Brunstein and Costa (2001) that the absolute dependence that the baby possesss of its cuidadores goes yielding place to a long process of unfastening and development of which is strengthened by the different meeting and gradual separations that will culminate in its independence as individual.



July 11th