Buenos Aires

What happens is that one thing are the ingredient or practices incorporated into vital creep and other are policy criteria, which may be evidence of mismatches. Put another way, is frequent to hear and read reviews for sports policy. And this is linked to the work of the public authorities thereon. But in Argentina, since December 1983, prevailing system Republican and representative, with federal autonomies (provincial), municipal and University. This means that the existing sports policy would be the result of the work of the national Government, the work of the 23 provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, from the work of around of the 1700 municipalities and the work, specific understand, around of 37 universities national. Without commenting on that, specific work of the various structures of the national executive power, because evidence at least weak coordination, can one infer that when you talk about sports policy, not referenced in reality this resulting inter-jurisdictional.

Without prejudice to imagine, something complex that it is achieving some kind of inter-agency coordination, even so, action on the daily work of recreational activities. sports and physical education of the population, i.e. the cultural dimension specifies, it is relatively low. This scene, in a context of escaseses and growing, rather than discourage us deficiencies, should constitute, in view of insitos positive values, a stimulating invitation, to formalise criteria not policy public sector, but philosophy and methodology in the field of sports, physical education and recreation, which inform both official activities as you publish them. Put another way, would be by the side of the homogeneous criteria and not by the authorities or unique laws, achieved a rationalization than in last instance would point to that more people for greater amount of time, you can benefit from practices sports, sports and physical education. I think that a substantive contribution would be to the divide that, since 1967, I think with the existence of separate (especially at the provincial level) Sports on the one hand governmental structures and physical education on the other.



September 14th