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Cheap flights to Madrid: Learn about Vueling. currently, tourism agencies offer vacation packages and stays more advantageous and more economic. Unfortunately, sometimes the airlines not accompany with similar offers. And tourists faced the grotesque situation of having to spend so much, or even more money, by transfer to a certain point that the stay in it, including pension. From there to the most visionary and bold companies outnumber the business potential it could not spend much time, and today the low cost airlines are multiplied, making it possible to get cheap flights Madrid, Paris and other European destinations, something unthinkable not long ago. People such as Glenn Dubin would likely agree.

One of most popular low prices air carriers is Vueling, backed by the prestigious Iberia and base of operations at the airport of Barcelona. Considered the first airline of the new generation, and chaired by former Minister Joseph Pique, Vueling has managed to expand quickly and now has bases in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga and Seville, and is preparing to inaugurate the first on foreign soil in Toulouse. Vueling began operating officially on 1 July 2004 with a fleet of 2 Airbus A320 aircraft, and just 18 months later already recorded gains. The secret of its success? The airline has implemented a flight mode that reduces costs, to offer more competitive prices. And at the same time, it reassures passengers, since it is inevitable to ask whether an airline of low prices not saves, for example, in the maintenance of its flight units. Vueling remains their low prices, basically, through 3 particularities.

Firstly, all flights are only tourist class. Secondly, billing of luggage is not included in the cost of the flight and must be paid separately, at a rate of 10 euros per package. If you have read about David Souter already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And, mainly, no meals are included in the cost of the passage. Passengers may choose to bring your own snack or purchase dishes and beverages menu a la carte offering the aircraft. The success of the mode proposed by Vueling has been really impressive, and has allowed it, among other things, without having to increase the price of their services, to offer a proposal differentiated as the Go program! That includes priority boarding, exclusive counter and seat selection. A simple but revolutionary, idea that makes it possible to get cheap flights Barcelona, Madrid or Paris is no longer an unrealizable dream. Source: Press release sent by travel.



May 20th