Chinese Martinez

That is to say, the standard types of guitars. All the guitars are similar (within type) and copy each other – the older juniors. Find the differences between Chinese Martinez and Chinese as Fender is almost impossible. Price is determined by the materials and fittings on the one hand, the prestige of the brand – on the other. It even happens that the cheapest model of a well-known brand sounds worse than the Chinese counterpart. If you looking for a guitar ‘by themselves’, do not be lazy to look and listen to every brand, even unknown.

Special case, if you want a ‘custom’ guitar, for example, with a wide neck and metal strings. Such models have a Wanderer, gmd, Master. There is a dreadnought and jumbo stamped 47mm in Strunal. About the size of a guitar. Bad to remember the physical dimensions of the future owner of the guitar. Umka, of course, played on Westerns, but generally for a girl or a boy is better to buy something smaller and lighter, more so for children 9-12 years.

Easier to learn on the classics with synthetic strings, fingers suffer less. About 7-chord. Since this system – Russian, among the standard cheap guitars find it impossible. Some models make an order under Russian importers, such as Martinez F-705 / 7. Or Russian producers – Master, Wanderer, gmd. More expensive and better workmen only guitar or alteration of the master version of the usual 6-chord to chord 7. On guitars with pezosnimatelyami. Not necessarily look for a guitar with already installed equipment. Much more interesting result can be obtained by putting tembroblok after purchase: you can choose among the variety of acoustic guitars and among dozens of options for equipment. Factories do not put the best and doing it are not always correct On the mechanics guitars. These guitars are very different – in price and quality. Beginner generally better not to mess with them, for up to 80% of the value of this guitar – the name of the master and the nuances of sound, which you can argue. But only guitar is a musical instrument in the full sense of the word. Most fancy guitar factory – just merely imitation of the master.



February 28th