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Thus creating an image-what it really is. Portrait – it's one of the hardest genres of fine art. Oil portrait, is the supreme art, the problem of landscape sketch, as if she nor was captivating – a trivial task compared to the complex set of human appearance, with his thoughts, feelings and experiences are reflected in the eyes, smile, namorschennom brow, head movement, a gesture of his hands. All of this more fun and infinitely more difficult! The ability to convey the artist in drawing a portrait likeness to the original fascinated people since ancient times. Noting the gift of great antiquity of the artist Apelles, Pliny the historian with admiration, wrote that once Apelles had to be in Alexandria, and persuaded the king's envious of the artist Apelles to invite a clown to a feast to Ptolemy.

When Apelles was Ptolemy terribly angry, and began asking who invited him. To pinpoint the culprit, Apelles drew coal from the stove and sketched a portrait on the wall, on which Ptolemy knew the face of his jester. Especially valued since ancient times with realistic portraits interpretation of forms, with emphasis to an image. These portraits are of great value not only for his contemporaries, but also for children who may read these portraits with the appearance of people in the past. In recent months, Jay A Schwartz Detroit has been very successful. Art portrait photography with art portrait from a photograph is one of the hardest genres of art, and if it is made with a photo of poor quality – it's hard to double. Draw a very laborious process and requires artist knowledge and use of painting techniques, which can not be learned, it is produced in large practice drawing. Professional differs from the layman that he should know and understand the complexity realistic images, the patterns of visual perception of reality and be able to creatively use them in a portrait from a photograph. Work your hands – is the work of the mind of the artist. Bar, line, spot is nothing but a means of expression of the artist. Appliances – Chistyakov said, – it is the language of the artist, develop it unceasingly to virtuosity. Without it, you'll never be able to tell people their dreams, their experiences as seen by you beauty.



September 5th


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