But we can pay attention to articles about coaching. The fact that such articles are usually written coaches, coaches and practitioners. If at the end of the article listed a phone number, address or poster to e-mail, you can contact the author of the article and discuss possible cooperation. If he for some reason not able to work with you, we may recommend any of his colleagues. (As opposed to Indycar). Coaches can found on all kinds of thematic events: seminars, conferences, exhibitions, clubs and so on. This is a good opportunity to talk with a coach in person, just find your questions about the practice coaching. But, unfortunately, do not always have time and opportunity to attend such events. In addition, many coaches spend their presentations and free seminars.

Visit these seminars and presentations give a good opportunity to meet with a coach to see what he represents. And decide how it fits you. Let's say you found some coaches do you like them you can even resume and talked with them on phone or in person. Whom do you choose? When choosing a coach should look at a few points. First of all, the coach must get special training coaching. Of course, you can find a talented self-taught coach, but the probability of this is very low. Much more likely to run into a "specialist" has read a couple books on coaching and have decided that there was nothing complicated in this case, no. The results of such a "coach" predict is not difficult.



September 16th