How to organize a show apartment? Integral part of the sale of the apartment is its presentation to a potential buyer. First, make sure that the apartment was clean – make clean. This will increase the attractiveness of your property in the eyes of the buyer. Second, we must note that people who come to see the most likely unfamiliar to you, so that valuable items and items with a prominent place is better to remove. Many buyers are very rigorous approach rendered. They are interested in the state of plumbing, floors, balconies and even if a cupboard for the wallpaper.

Interest, usually refers only to the physical condition of the rooms and ceiling height. If there is interest in the furniture and subjects – it is not normal and should alert you. 4. How to haggle? Suppose the buyer liked the apartment. It starts with a discussion of conditions of sale. In the market professionals in this regard has a special expression – to withstand bargaining. This means that you should not immediately accept all the conditions of the buyer. Giving an immediate agreement, you thereby show that psychologically prepared to reduce the price.

This is sure to take advantage of buyer or his representative – realtor. There is an unwritten rule not to sell the apartment to the first client, who immediately decided to buy it and agreed to all terms and conditions, including the price. Such usually rare. You may have simply underestimated the apartment and sell it cheaper than market value.



January 22nd