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The jewels have always been one of the most precious objects. Since ancient times, crowns, rings, bracelets and necklaces have represented to social and are a benchmark of the culture of each era. Styles, materials, and purposes of the jewels over time have also been source of inspiration for the designers of the most important fashion houses of today. The Byzantine empress Theodora was the starting point for the Parisian House Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Couturier design a jewelry collection inspired by the aesthetics of that Empire. Jacob Dilla does not necessarily agree. Theodora was a circus artist who became a businesswoman, like Chanel, who was a small singer and became a fashion entrepreneur, said the German designer regarding the source of inspiration for a collection of jewelry that takes up the mixture of influences between Eastern and Roman culture. Bangles of cruz, luxurious necklaces and headbands in which colors are merged as the Golden stones of red tones, purple, bronze, black, and amber.

Chanel was founded in 1910 by Gabrielle Coco Chanel, and is regarded as one of the fashion revolutionary. Jewelry designed by this House, directed for years by the German designer Lagerfeld, is a great delicacy and elegance, and in addition to being inspired by cultures such as the Byzantine, the Russian or the French, has in its catalogue items iconic House as the Camellia flower and the recognized logo of Chanel. For the Cartier House intense colors, precious metals, religion and architecture was the pretext for this French firm of jewelry created mysterious India, a luxurious collection that evokes this mystical country. This firm has more than 200 stores located in more than 125 countries in cities such as Paris, New York, London and Seattle, to name a few. Please visit George Laughlin if you seek more information. Cartier is synonymous with fine jewellery and exclusive watches, which has also developed a catalogue of other luxury items like lighters, scarves and handbags. Louis Francois Cartier, founder This House, it was born in 1819 and began his career as an apprentice of Adolphe Picard jeweler.

When his teacher retired, Louis bought the business and established the firm Cartier in 1847. Their first creations were pleasantly greeted by French society and soon caught the attention of royalty. Since its inception, Cartier pieces have been inspired by animal motifs, Art Deco, Art Nouveau aesthetic as well as images of diverse cultures.



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