Cultural Communication

In order to promote national brand in the international arena, Irina Spring proposes to create a social communications agency in the government. The main tool in the agency, according to the deputy, must be Russian language. 'It is clear that Russian should become the medium of communication, the means of cultural communication, which allows us to preserve the common cultural space with the Commonwealth countries, and most the main thing – to realize the right attitude to the Russian people and Russia in the world "- said Spring. The duties of the agency representative of United Russia offers imputed to the organization of the centers of the Russian cultural heritage in world capitals. "These education centers will help form a correct perception of Russia in the world.

Russian classic literature, poetry and ballet, and our theater – this is the brand in Russia. Domestic art – is one of those brands that will never lose its relevance in terms of internal and external perception '- Spring recalled. According to the coordinator patriotic club of United Russia, our country There are many reasons to be proud of and apart from the great Russian culture. Especially strong we can be proud of those already formed and promoted in the international arena brands like "Putin" and "Medvedev." 'Today, the power, higher officials of the country, of course, represent the nation. These are people who show unconditional respect for the people of his country, national traditions and national identity.

They represent the interests of our state as national. And it is very important because the presidents of Russia (Vladimir Putin at first, and now Dmitry Medvedev), of course, are the embodiment of Russia in the world '- explained his thought Spring. According to her opinion, only after Putin came to power in Russia 'has the right to speak and began to hear'. Considerable potential, MP, and have these symbols of Russia as a 'soccer team Chelsea, which is perceived as Russian team 'and' Gazprom '. "We have a lot of creative people, we have a lot of athletes, a large number of Olympic champions' – added the representative of the ruling party. Meanwhile, brand promotion 'Russia' could face the traditional challenges, says 'Nezavisimaya Gazeta'. Funds allocated for the promotion, tend to lose value in times of sharp anti-Western speeches of national politicians. A advantages of Russian goods and services in the global market proved yet no brands and their quality. Low rates, by contrast, can seriously compromise the loudest brand. Related Articles: Evaluation of the brand. It should be no Promotion is the brand and the economic crisis



December 2nd