Current Popularity

In to the present hiphop is one of the movement most watched, still very common point group are young people with tipida of hiphop clothing or listening to music rap in the streets and schools. However, not many years ago, hiphop was a movement of minority, resulting in infrequent to see rappers on the street.This rapid growth and the introduction of the rap in the countries of Spanish-speaking from the United States has been favoured by the phenomenon of globalization, making television programs, music and news to arrive from America much more easily and quickly than before. However, this popularity creates doubt as to whether really is helping to promote the culture of hiphop or you are turning in a simple fashion for young people. On the one hand, before it was very difficult to find music, clothes and other items related to hiphop, found in very specific shops or being necessary to import it. Now, the shelves of record stores are filled with news of the national rap and American, in clothes shops are typical brands of hiphop clothing and organize more concerts, events and competitions such as the battle of roosters.

The battle of roosters is a competition of rap where two rappers face, using his rhymes and ingenuity to stay above the opponent they face. This competition of rap arrives to celebrate internationally to determine who is the best rapper of Spanish-speaking. On the other hand, true hiphop lovers come as their culture is invaded youth influenced by fashion who dress, Act and imitian to the famous rappers of the moment, without feeling the culture nor understand the essence of hiphop. In addition, companies come in the rap a great way of reaching the public, turning the movement into something commercial. Is this good for the hiphop? It helps to promote it and to enjoy it more? Or are losing their values and essence with such popularity?



June 13th