Dalmatia – Adriatic And More

Among connoisseurs of Croatia, Dalmatia is considered the most beautiful part of the country. In addition to several hundred kilometers of Adriatic Sea, Dalmatia has to offer also a picturesque hinterland, where travelers who come to Croatia for a hiking and trekking holiday, also be feel, like tourists who want to explore Dalmatia and its picturesque landscape with a bicycle. Dalmatia has a colourful past, and Romans, Byzantines, Turks and Austrians have left their legacy in there. The population of Croatia is very multicultural and multi-denominational. In addition to Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims live and since the 90s again in some Jewish communities in Croatia.

The province of Dalmatia was a very important in the Roman Empire, and since the 3rd century some Roman Caesars came from Dalmatien-of Illyria. Decius was pursuing the Christians, but fell in battle against the Goths. Claudius Gothicus who struck the Goths at Ni had more success. His successor Aurelian secured Rome with a town wall and restored the unity of the Empire. Emperor Diocletian, under its energetic reign the Empire again stabilized, moved even his residence to Dalmatia. He was one of the few emperors of this time, who were not murdered and the only one who retired during his lifetime 305 in retirement. His monumental Imperial Palace is even today a large part of the old town of split, where is also one of the oldest archaeological museums in Europe.

Today, the split is a young, modern city with a rich cultural offer, many nice pubs and cafes and stunning monuments from more than 1500 years. The old town of Dubrovnik was damaged badly in the early 1990s, but Dubrovnik is again redeveloped, and the old city has been recognized already by UNESCO some years ago as world cultural heritage. Dubrovnik today presents itself as a huge open-air museum with rich cultural offer and many interesting shops, restaurants and cafes. Since quite a few featured attractions are located in Dalmatia, holiday in a holiday apartment in Dalmatia is certainly not the worst alternative for people who prefer even put together their day-trips and want to have some contact with locals. On the Internet there are countless vendors who offer holiday apartments in Dalmatia for a holiday there. The proverbial hospitality of Dalmatia is then maybe a reason to once again come in the holiday. One reason for this could be but also the cuisine of Dalmatia, a wide range of sophisticated Balkan cuisine with many Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish sprinkling. It often also fish and seafood from the Adriatic Sea on the table come in Dalmatia. To schmeckeen the whites of Dalmatia, who already in the antiquity lovers.



October 26th


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