Demand For Plywood In The Economy

Plywood is famous for a considerable variety of species. It is an environmentally friendly material and for many decades has been successfully applied in various fields of industrial and consumer production, including those for decorating. The price of plywood is determined by the technology of its manufacturing and wood. The presence of knots, the quality of grinding, coating, sheet size, shape stability are regulated by different types of plywood standards of its production. Water resistance of plywood depends on the quality of glue used in the manufacture of paper. Exterior grade plywood is pressed with glue made on the basis of the urea-formaldehyde resin. In the production of increased water resistance of plywood using adhesive based on phenol-formaldehyde resin. By the looks of construction plywood imposed the lowest requirements.

Its price is reduced due to the fact that it is made from veneer thickness of more than two millimeters. In this case, the physical and mechanical properties of the material remain unchanged. In the construction of houses is most commonly used softwood plywood. Of her design wall, walls, floors, etc. to the plywood, used in the manufacture of furniture more demanding.

It can be used for wall surfaces. From design point of view is more attractive softwood plywood, as it is famous for its bright texture. It is often covered with transparent varnish. As well it will look birch plywood, adorned with decorative paper or lined with foil-covered. Birch plywood is famous for its good strength and high density. It is because of her musical instruments are manufactured and constructed a small, light aircraft. Laminated plywood used in the production of containers for food and pharmaceutical products, billboards, the inner cladding vans and wagons, and mounting a reusable concrete formwork in concrete construction. Requirements to it are different from common standards. The main property of laminated plywood, which is estimated in the first place, is resistant to all sorts of influences a variety of shades and textures of the surface of the plywood broaden its scope.



March 23rd