Dual Coil Technology

The further developed tobacco – and smoke-free alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes comes after Germany. “Stuttgart, 14.09.11 – waiting for many friends of the electric smoking has paid off: Flaer is enriched by a new horse and provides with the dual coil Cartomizer” of fresh air in the industry of smoking. The extended range of information to dual coil Cartomizer”for the batteries of the electronic cigarette eGo-T can be obtained at any time on flaer.de. For more information see this site: Jorge Perez. The E-cigarette is a tobacco – and smoke-free alternative to traditional tobacco products. In the electronic cigarette, a flavored and may nikotinhaltiges is fluid evaporates.

So smoke toxins and second-hand smoke are, as also the smells associated. “Stability, innovation, and service: this indicator the company underlines once again with the launch of the dual coil technology for electronic cigarette eGo-T”. Most recently the so-called dual coil Cartomizer “presented, one of the company Smoktech of developed evaporator type, which is on the Market already great popularity pleases us E-cigarettes. According to Kevin Ulrich, who has experience with these questions. The product has specific characteristics such as, for example, two heating elements, which glow when activating the electrical cigarette at the same time. The dual coil system is generally more robust and less prone to defects in contrast to conventional Cartomizers or evaporators with low resistance (ohm), because each heating element works with a high individual resistance. The dual coil Cartomizer”boasts a high steam output, best taste, ease of use and low cost. It is also easy to clean under running water.

“To further optimize the handling, is the use of a drip” recommended, which the heat of the dual coil Cartomizers “derives and also offers the advantage that the Cartomizer can directly be refilled during use. At the same time, tips emerges through the use of a drip”a positive side-effect on the capillary effect, which is the migratory behaviour of the dual coil Cartomizers”improved. To customers and business partners by Flaer were in tense expectation, the dual coil Cartomizer announced in June”finally test. After successful launch of the first opinions not long made to wait. “Flaer managing directors is however by the positive feedback on the dual coil Cartomizer” little surprise: already after the first tests we were coils of the dual “inspires. We have understood immediately why these products in the United States are already a bestseller and were convinced that they will find broad acceptance in Germany”, said Managing Director, Felix Grau. “Grey explains further: the success of the electronic cigarette eGo-T” is not about! The tank system is suitable for beginners, perfectly as it has revolutionized the handling of electric cigarette in a positive way”. With the dual coil technology can we offer our customers now as simple as including powerful product,. What however is much cheaper in the replacement”. Flaer as the first German company dual coil Cartomizer “in the range of recorded and thus joined the evidence that even small innovations in E-cigarettes can contribute effectively market to increase customer satisfaction. Contact details and further information: Felix Grau AerGroup GbR Planck str. 7 70184 Stuttgart phone: + 49 (0) 176 / 93120944 fax: + 49 (0) 180 / 3551857067 email: Internet:



February 12th