Egypt Tourism

Egypt receives income of many people, direct or indirectly related to the tourism, says to Augustus Richard Norton, a specialist in the middle East in the University of Boston. ” And this activity obvious is very sensible to the stability of pas”. Although the aid of EE.UU and the income of the Suez Channel are sources critics of national income, Norton says: ” The sector of the tourism is in certain much more important way that the other dos.” One of each five Egyptians lives in the poverty in a country where the considered entrance per capita was $ 6,200 the past year. And the tourism, that employs to 2 million of Egyptian, represents 11% of the economic production of the nation. In 2009, US$ 10,8 billions was collected, according to numbers of the Ministry of Egyptian Tourism. In 2010, 15 million tourists made their trips to Egypt, 362,000 of them coming from the EE.UU., according to the Egyptian Authority of Tourism.

The protests against president Hosni Mubarak, untied right during main the tourist season, when the temperatures of winter they are colder and the visitors go to see pyramids or to relax in the spa of Sharm el-Sheikh in the Red Sea. Thousands of foreign visitors, among them hundreds of Americans, already have fled. They are thousand more trying to leave. The Egyptian Authority of Tourism said in an electronic mail that, although the disturbances are having ” impact negativo” on the tourism, so far, ” Once () situation is solved, a fast recovery will be posible.” Egypt has been able recovered of other violent incidents, like in 1997, when 58 tourists and four Egyptians were assassinated near a temple in Luxor. ” The Americans are sensibles” more; , he says Ady Gelber, proprietor of Isramworld, one of the majors travel agencies that offer services like packages and trips from the EE.UU to Egypt. Nevertheless, Gelber says: ” Generally, the American tourists have little memory when she is incidentes.” Approximately half of the Gelber clients who glided to travel to Egypt in next the three months is trying to change its plans, it says..



April 5th


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