Electronic Invoices

If you’re not very sure about electronic billing and your way of helping your company here I bring you the necessary information. Electronic invoicing has been used for many years in primermundistas countries and now Mexico has joined this wave of progress. In Mexico, taxpayers who in 2009 declared income equal or greater than 4 million pesos have moved to electronic billing by compulsory system. Although already in the law that they have to move into this digital billing system, only 4% of taxpayers have changed the system. Those who already have electronic billing system have realized multiple benefits offered by the system, because it does make the processes at the time, by which your company becomes much more productive. In addition to the productivity that your company will acquire with the use of electronic invoicing, will save a lot of money, because you no longer have to spend money on paper, ink cartridges, sending of invoices and system to save it. Although the above-mentioned contributors have that replaced compulsory anyone can do it, the only thing you have to do is buy the software that counts 580 pesos.



January 24th