Electronic Music Group Industry Instability

Industry instability: 'Reflection' – this product leaves a strong impression on the music as it plunges into the world of dreams and fantasies, this track journey through the world of subconsciousness, he raises the emotional experience of displacement in time and space. It creates a vivid and distinct impression of an early morning fall, and you seem to see everything in fine detail and heavy mist over the lake, and the first rays of the sun, creates a great impression that you got a dream. And do not music only causes a storm of emotions and memories of times gone by, picks up from memory the most optimistic and wonderful memories of those events about which you had almost forgotten. Music leaves a lasting impression, after plays, remains deeply affected vivid inner world of creators and their sense of the fine line of beauty and talent, which helped them to recreate this wonderful fantasy world. Although the 'Reflection' and brings sadness but still leaves a beautiful memory of itself. Under this kind of music you want to dream, or meditate.



May 17th